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There is no single reason to be a reference…


Attention measurement is basic in neuromarketing studies. Neurologyca has all kinds of eyetracking (glasses, monitor, smartphone specials, ..). It was also the first to develop with its own technology the first eyetracker for virtual reality glasses. Attention data is basic in synchronization with emotions.



Neurologyca has always acquired the most current technologies for biometric and emotional measurement. It has always had as philosophy the use of the maximum of technologies to achieve more quality and to increase the veracity in the final result. Electroencephalography, Galvanometry, Pupilometry, Facial Coding, Electromyography, …



One of the great differential advantages of Neurologyca is the study of consumer behaviors. Internationally recognized in the use of immersive techniques with virtual reality to recreate experiences and scenarios very close to the real ones. The results give us preferences, behaviors, decision trees, etc.


More technology, more quality.


In Neurologyca from the beginning we believed that quality should be the basic premise. Therefore, we always use the maximum technology and the most advanced in research. We used techniques that synchronized the large amount of resulting data and gave greater value and precision to the results. All this resulted in more efficient executive reports.


But technology is not enough … without an effective methodology.

There are other ways to investigate.


The secret is in the methodologies. If we want to reach the answers we are looking for, we cannot think that by always doing it in the same way we will achieve it. The technology is not enough, the data extracted from the machines are not enough to achieve the objectives we seek.


Aware of the differential advantage, Neurologyca has always invested effort in the development of specific methodologies for each research model and for each type of service.


The algorithm of analysis is improved and specialized methods of great success are created: Frame by Frame, 5 + 5, Neuroretail, Hot Test, Concept Test, Neurofan, … or Neurotaste, considered the best existing sensory test.

From the theory of glue to MULTISOURCE ©, the new integrative method.


Robust and consistent, so you can describe Multisource ©.


Facing proposals that try to “paste” data from other sources but without changing the conventional modes of research, we turn to an integrative methodology that brings together different sources making them consistent with each other: neuroscience, declarative and social media.

It gives consistency and makes compatible and complements all the data.


Result :

To translate to interpret.

Understand the whys and motives of the consumer.

Greater consistency in reports.

Una historia que contar...

Una historia que contar...

Since 2011, Neurologyca has become a pioneer in the use of neuroscience in consumer research and its integration consistent with declarative methodologies of all kinds.


Know his story…